iOS-Oriented Podcasts

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There are a number of iOS-oriented podcasts I’m currently enjoying, and am looking for suggestions. Here’s what I’m listening to now:

NSBrief Podcast

Previously-local Saul Mora of Magical Panda Software (and now also of Double Encore, Inc.) and currently-local Jade Meskill of Integrum Technologies interview developers about Cocoa-related topics for iOS and Mac development. The show is interesting and reasonably technical, and I’ve quite enjoyed the five episodes thus far. Getting perspectives and insight from a variety of developers has been great.

iDeveloper Live

If you subscribe to the MDN Show podcast and wonder why it hasn’t updated in a while, here’s your answer: iDeveloper Live replaces it. Steve “Scotty” Scott and John Fox host a show with multiple shorter segments in a “magazine format.” Some bits are technical, others are about development in general, with conversation between the two interspersed. Good stuff, albeit so far not quite as deep as the others due to the format.

Build and Analyze

A new podcast from the constantly-podcasting Dan Benjamin of 5by5 Studios and Marco Arment, currently of InstaPaper and previously of Tumblr. Conversational and, so far, mostly about the being a developer, how Apple and developers relate, that kind of thing. Both are interesting speakers and the flow of the show has been great.

Podcast Recommendations

I’m aware of Core Intuition but have yet to listened to it. What do you recommend?