No, this isn’t the story of π, the mathematical constant. But it is the story of a calculated direction, that goes on, and on, and on….

Formerly known as the Phoenix iPhone Developer Group, Pi celebrated its first full year of meetings in November 2009

In 2007, Apple introduced the iPhone, which since has revolutionized the mobile industry. In truth, it is probably a misnomer to call the iPhone merely a “mobile phone”, as the iPhone is really much more than that. The iPhone is really a mobile computing device, suitable for rich, complex, and compute-intensive applications for individuals and the enterprise, and for entertainment, informational, or business purposes. This versatility is demonstrated by the fact that the operating system which powers the iPhone, previously known as iPhoneOS, has now been expanded and rebranded to iOS, to accommodate a family of mobile devices, including the iPhone, the iPod Touch, and the iPad.

Apple rebrands iPhoneOS to iOS

Software developers have always loved the bleeding edge of technology. But even in being out in front of the technology curve, developers are typically working on long-established platforms and toolsets. A brand new development platform comes along only occasionally over the course of a career, but when it does, it represents a tremendous opportunity to pursue once impossible ideas, to experiment, and to create. It also provides the ability to create new markets with new applications. iOS is such a platform.

We, the members of Pi, are Phoenix-area based developers joined together for the purpose of both teaching and learning to develop on iOS for all supported platforms, networking with other iOS developers, and producing the best iOS applications on the market.

Our group name is the [P]hoenix [i]OS Developer Group, from which we get the nickname, “Pi”, which like the mathematical constant π, is a value that keeps going and going and going….

So in conclusion, thanks Apple! Perhaps it is true what they say:

“An Apple a day…”