Month: June 2015

July 2015 iOS Developer Group Meeting

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Thursday, July 9, 2015, 7:00–9:00pm

Last Month in iOS Development

A short group discussion about iOS- and developer-related news from the previous month.

Reusable Components With Storyboards — Scott Williams

Storyboards offer the flexibility to create components that can be quickly added to a project with little to no custom code. We’ll walkthrough a quick demo, and then dive into how this works, and how you can use it to avoid writing the same boring boilerplate code over and over.
Scott Williams has been a software developer for 15 years, and is currently Lead Engineer at Tallwave.

Patent Trolls: The Dark and Seedy Side of Innovation — Wes Filleman

In 2013 Wes received a demand letter from a patent troll, something he never thought he’d have to deal with as an independent app developer. What followed was two years of legal proceedings that nearly drove him to quit app development. This is his story and why the patent troll industry is legalized extortion.
Wes Filleman is an independent iOS app developer since 2008 focusing on the connected home with the MobiLinc line of iOS/Android apps.


Software Ops, LLC
15030 N Hayden Rd
Suite 120 (north end of the building)
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

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Come as early as 6:30pm for informal networking and discussion before the presentations begin, and join us after the meeting for less formal discussion at OHSO down the road.