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January 2015 iOS Developer Group Meeting

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Last Month in iOS Development

A short group discussion about iOS- and developer-related news from the previous month.

Threading with Swift: Because the other core is bored and needs something to do. — Wes Filleman

Advanced Topic: You’ve been making progress on your app and are noticing long tasks on the main thread are impacting UI performance. It’s time to consider threading your app.

Starting with basic threading concepts in Swift, we’ll walk through the recommended ways (and why) to perform tasks on a separate thread in Swift. After walking through the recommended methods we’ll go over an advanced threading example breaking all the previous rules and recommendations to solve a set of very specific problems I faced in my main MobiLinc app for home automation.

Wes Filleman is an independent iOS app developer since 2008 focusing on the connected home with the MobiLinc line of iOS/Android apps.

An Introduction to Developing iOS 8 Today Widgets — Tim Giron

Beginner Topic: One of the new features of iOS 8 is the ability to develop an app extension that lives in the Today section of Notification Center. This presentation will cover the basics of adding a Today Widget to an app and communication between the widget and the host app.


Software Ops, LLC
15030 N Hayden Rd
Suite 120 (north end of the building)
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Map and Directions

Come as early as 6:30pm for informal networking and discussion before the presentations begin, and join us after the meeting for less formal discussion at Four Peaks Brewing Company or OHSO down the road.