Month: December 2014

December 2014 iOS Developer Group Meeting

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Come as early as 6:30pm for informal networking and discussion before the presentations begin, and join us after the meeting for less formal discussion at Four Peaks Brewing Company or OHSO down the road.

Last Month in iOS Development

A short group discussion about iOS- and developer-related news from the previous month.

Method Swizzling for Automatic Performance Monitoring for iOS
— Tomasz Stechly & Stephen Kuenzli

Advanced Topic: Learn how to understand the real-world performance experienced by users of your iOS applications by monitoring key operations with both manual and automatic instrumentation using method swizzling. We will demonstrate using WeblogNG to instrument a small Swift application and visualize the experience using charts of good, typical, and poor performance across the userbase both in development and production.

NSNotifications, Properties and Observing Changes in Your App
— Jeff Kunzelman

Beginner Topic: A pattern that is core to lot of iOS development, in which a few mistakes in implementation can cause unclear errors, like sending from wrong thread or forgetting to remove observers.


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