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August 2011 iOS Developer Group Meeting: The Usual Suspects

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If you are willing to present on design, development, technical stuff, indie development, marketing, your latest app, or other topic of potential interest at a future meeting, please drop me an email at

Please support the local iOS development community by sharing your experience, ideas, and expertise with the rest of us!

This month’s meeting:

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Come as early as 6:30 for informal networking and discussion before the presentations begin, and join us after the meeting for less formal discussion at the The Tilted Kilt.

Blocks in Everyday Use

Blocks were added to Objective-C as one of the new features of iOS 4 over a year ago, yet few developers take advantage of their power to streamline and improve their code. You’ve seen the syntax, heard the hoopla, and might have even tried them out; now learn a variety of practical ways to use blocks in your everyday coding and revel in your newfound power. — Jiva DeVoe, Random Ideas, LLC

Interaction Flow in UI Design 

You’re designing an app and have a pretty good idea of it’s supposed to do, either because it’s your idea or because your client has told you. Maybe you already have a user interface idea or perhaps you’re not even sure where to start; either way, backing up a bit and examining how an app’s features and the user’s goals interact can help ensure complete strangers will be able to enjoy using it. — Matthew Frederick

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