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July 2011 iOS Developer Group Meeting: Don’t Disclose Me, Bro!

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This month we’ll have all kinds of iOS developer goodness including code and techniques and app ideas and news, but no detailed discussion of Lion, iOS 5, or iCloud. General observations are welcome, though, like, “holy cow!” Such a great time to be an iOS developer!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Come as early as 6:30 for informal networking and discussion before the presentations begin, and join us for less formal discussion at the nearby sports bar afterwards.

Converting an App from SQLite to Core Data

Many apps, quite possibly including yours, use a straight SQLite data storage back-end instead of Core Data. Sometimes it’s because the app was developed before Core Data became available in iOS, but in many others it stems from developer familiarity with SQL databases. Learn about what’s required to convert an app and find out about how syncing user data across devices made it worthwhile. — Jiva DeVoe, Random Ideas, LLC

You Develop My App Idea and We’ll Split the Revenue!

Much like a doctor attending a party where the topic of every conversation somehow inevitably turns to specific health complaints, you’ve likely experienced this phenomenon: once someone finds out you develop iOS apps there’s a high chance you’ll get the “you develop my great idea and we’ll split the revenue” pitch. Matthew will present some factors to consider in deciding if the suggestion is reasonable. — Matthew Frederick

Integrating an App into an Existing IT Infrastructure (Unconfirmed)

An app demo and explanation about integrating with IT in the real world. Presentation is dependent upon client approval. — To Be Announced

Door Prizes

The fine folks at IdeaSwarm have provided a couple of AppViz licenses to give away, along with a special discount code for everyone who doesn’t win!

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