Month: June 2011

June 2011 Meeting Links and Notes

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Many thanks to Jiva DeVoe and everyone who participated in the June meeting. Here are links to some of the items discussed:

Updates, News, & Events

Lodsys-related posts on the FOSS Patents Blog; Intellectual property activist Florian Mueller’s blog on competitive patents, particularly focused on how they relate to open source software. His coverage of the sequence of events has been thorough and insightful. His Lodsys-related entries include summaries of what every potentially-affected app developer should know.Apple World Wide Developers Conference 2011

Nielsen Norman Group’s iPad Usability Study Results


500,000 Total Approved Apps in the App Store

The Heist Sells 500,000 in the First Week

12 Myths About Concurrency in Objective-C

Presenter Jiva DeVoe has published a great blog post with the 12 myths, with plenty of useful links for additional research.