Month: February 2011

March 2011 iOS Developer Group Meeting

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The March meeting of the iOS Developer Group is a mere two days away.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The theme this month, if you can call it that, is Perfectly Preserved Previously Postponed Presentations, Plus the iPad 2 Premiere.

Updates, News, & Events

A brief overview of the news from the previous month. — Matthew Frederick

iPad 2 (and iOS 5?)

The morning of the meeting Apple will (very likely) announce a brand new version of the iPad and will (likely) provide a peek at the next version of iOS. Get the scoop and insight from one of our youngest members. — Luke Hellum

App Insight: There’s A Guy For That

Check out a clever new social networking app and learn the secrets of Facebook integration. — Tony Farag, MobilEaZe, LLC

App Insight: My Eyes Only™ Photo Pro

Learn about the concepts and coding behind the slick new edition of My Eyes Only™ Photo: custom UI components, printing, WiFi and Bluetooth transfer of photos, strong encryption, and more. —  Joe Michels, Software Ops LLC

Joe’s Famous Business Numbers Presentation

Get the inside scoop on the ups and downs of the sales of an indie developer’s apps, with detailed explanations of the effects of marketing, pricing changes, and more. Joe is incredibly open in this presentation and provides a lot of useful insight for anyone interested in app sales; you won’t want to miss it. — Joe Michels, Software Ops LLC

PI Developer Challenge

With fingers crossed, there should finally be enough time for a brief presentation on the Developer Challenge. — Matthew Frederick

Make the scene!

University of Advancing Technology (UAT)
2625 West Baseline Road
Tempe, AZ 85283
Map and Directions


February 2011 Meeting Videos

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Many thanks to Brad Miller of Cynical Peak Software for taping and posting the videos from this months meetings. They’re now available on our Vimeo page. Check ’em out!

An audio-only version will be available soon.

Accessibility Followup Notes

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Wednesday’s meeting was full of great information on the impact of making your apps accessible and how to do so. Perhaps the most important lesson was that not only is it incredibly important, it’s also not at all difficult to ensure that your app includes fully accessible features. I’d like to express my sincere thanks to all of the presenters.

Video of the presentation will be available soon; follow @PhoenixiOS on Twitter, follow the mailing list, or check back here.

Accessibility Presenter Justin Mann

The entire presentation was Justin’s idea, and he provided several important links. Follow him on Twitter @w9fyi.

AppleVis, for Vision Impaired Users of Apple’s iOS Devices: includes news and a helpful app directory.

VIPhone, a user’s group devoted to discussion of iOS and the Visually Impaired community.

The Fall 2010 series of iOS programming tutorials from Stanford (iTunes link) includes session 18, Accessibility for iOS: Make an App for Everyone. Presented by Chris Fleizach, a member of the Accessibility team at Apple, this presentation provides excellent working examples of not only how to use the accessibility tools built into the iOS framework but also other ways you can make your apps accessible.

Accessibility Activist Darrell Shandrow

Darrell blogs and podcasts at his site, Blind Access Journal, which is full of good firsthand information and news. Follow him on Twitter @darrell.

Technical Presenter Rob Haack

Rob Haack, app developer and owner of Engineered Stuff, presented the technical basics of ensuring that your app is accessible, and provided some great links:

Apple’s video demonstrations of VoiceOver on iOS and the Mac. Includes the use of Springboard (the iOS home screen), Safari, and Mail.

Matt Gemmell’s excellent post on Accessibility for iPhone and iPad Apps, which includes a very thorough explanation of what you need to do to make your app accessible.

More to Come

I’ll post some more great links over the weekend.