Month: January 2011

February 2011 iOS Developer Group Meeting

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It’s nearly time for the February meeting, and it’s going to be a doozy!

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011


Accessibility on iOS is this month’s focus: you do not want to miss it!

The meeting’s appetizer will be a brief overview of the month’s news and an update on the PI App Development Challenge, followed by two main courses:

Accessibility from a User Perspective: What Are the Consequences?

iOS has amazing accessibility features that are significantly improving people’s lives. Learn firsthand how they work and what they do from someone who uses them every day, and then discover how proper implementation makes all the difference. — Justin Mann

Accessibility for iOS, a Developer’s Perspective

Now that you understand the importance of accessibility and the end-user’s perspective, find out how simple it is to make your app accessible. Learn about the UI Accessibility Programming Interface and how to implement it in code and in Interface Builder, with working examples. — Rob Haack, Engineered Stuff

We’ll end with an app demo dessert:

App Demo: There’s A Guy For That

Check out a clever new social networking app and learn the secrets of Facebook integration. — Tony Farag, MobilEaZe, LLC

University of Advancing Technology (UAT)
2625 West Baseline Road
Tempe, AZ 85283
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PS: New information and an opportunity to sign up for the PI App Development Challenge follows shortly.


January 2011 iOS Developer Group Meeting

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The January meeting of the iOS Developer Group is almost upon us.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


The meeting will start with brief news and updates,  followed by these presentations:

iOS Development in 2011

A presentation and discussion of the coming year in iOS development, from Apple’s likely releases to competing platforms and devices. — Matthew Frederick

PI Developer Challenge

Are you planning to develop an app in the coming months? Would you like some motivational assistance to help move the project forward? Learn about the PI App Development Challenge, an opportunity to get a little push and some assistance in keeping your project on track. — Matthew Frederick


Learn about the incredibly useful controller that connects Core Data fetched results to a UITableView, improving table update performance, making section and cell updates easy, and allowing for simple application of sorting and filters. — Mazen M Abdel-Rahman

My Eyes Only™ Photo Pro

Learn about the concepts and coding behind the slick new edition of My Eyes Only™ Photo: custom UI components, printing, WiFi and Bluetooth transfer of photos, strong encryption, and more. —  Joe Michels, Software Ops LLC

Joe’s Famous Business Numbers Presentation

Get the inside scoop on the ups and downs of the sales of an indie developer’s apps, with detailed explanations of the effects of marketing, pricing changes, and more. Joe is incredibly open in this presentation and provides a lot of useful insight for anyone interested in app sales; you won’t want to miss it. — Joe Michels, Software Ops LLC

Don’t miss this great meeting!

University of Advancing Technology (UAT)
2625 West Baseline Road
Tempe, AZ 85283
Map and Directions