Month: August 2010

Call for Presentations and Demonstrations at September 1, 2010 Meeting

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It’s that time again: here’s your chance to share your knowledge, wisdom, and experience with your fellow developers and others interested in Apple’s iOS.

Consider presenting both technical and non-technical topics. Anything related to iPhone and iPad app development and sales is worthy of consideration. Presentations from 10 to 45 minutes are absolutely welcome. If you’re interested but are having difficulty coming up with ideas, check out last month’s post and its updated follow-up.

If you’ve developed an app you’d like to show off, that’s great too!

Lastly, if you have any news developments or upcoming calendar events, please feel free to send them along as well.

Drop me a line at and we’ll schedule your presentation!


Phoenix-Area iOS Developer List

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The first version of the Phoenix-Area iOS Developer list is now available. Check it out.

Seeking Phoenix-Area Developers of 3rd-Party Apps

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If you’re in the Phoenix metropolitan area and develop iOS apps for other people and companies and you’d like to potentially be contacted about business opportunities, I need your contact information.

Please provide the following:

  • Company name, if applicable
  • Contact name
  • Contact email
  • Contact phone
  • Website URL
  • A one-sentence summary of your services and/or primary focus.
  • Something to show that you are indeed local, like your address (which will not be passed onto the interested parties) or a local telephone number.

Please EMAIL THIS INFORMATION DIRECTLY TO ME rather than posting it to the list. As opportunities arise I’ll pass the developer list on to interested 3rd parties. Eventually this information will appear on the website as well.

Matthew Frederick

Phoenix iOS August 2010 Meeting Summary

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We had a great meeting last night with lots of participation. Here’s what was discussed, along with related links.

News of the Month

Apple News

July News

  • iAd for Developers
  • Apps must now be submitted via XCode App Submission or the Application Loader
  • Two new versions of iOS 4.1 beta New version of XCode 4

August News

  • iTunes Connect updates
    • Version Release
    • New App Readiness States
  • Deleting Apps

Tutorials & Code

Working with Facebook’s new Graph API

Ray Wenderlich has posted three great tutorials:

MGSplitViewController from Matt Gemmell

Adds onto the iPad UISplitViewController

  • Toggle visibility of master view
  • Put master on the left or right
  • Adjustable vertical or horizontal splits
  • Allow users to drag divider

Tips & Tricks for conditional iOS3, iOS3.2 and iOS4 code

  • Using newer OS features while supporting older versions
  • Determining version, e.g.
  • Cleaning that up, e.g.
    if (isIPad())

Matt Gallagher at

Launch of

Learn who is using which URLs inside their apps, e.g.

  • twitter://
  • itns://
  • yelp://

You can register your own for other developers to use as well.

App Store Ratings Fraud

Hacking into iTunes user accounts to purchase the hacker’s apps. Alex Brie covers it in great detail and links to several fascinating articles about how this worked.

Monthly Calendar

NSCoder Phoenix
Every Tuesday, 6-9pm
Liberty Market in Gilbert
Follow @NSCoderNightPhx

NSCoder Scottsdale
Every Thursday except 2nd, 6-9pm
Paradise Bakery in Scottsdale

XCode Phoenix Monthly Meeting
Thursday, August 12th, 7-9pm
Target Training International in Scottsdale

iOS Dev Camp Phoenix
August 20-22nd
Gangplank in Chandler

Phoenix iOS Developer Group (Pi)
Wednesday, September 1st, 6:30-8:30pm
University of Advancing Technology in Tempe

Voices That Matter iPhone Developers Conf
October 16-17th
Philadelphia, PA

360 iDev
November 7-10th
Austin, TX
Our own Saul Mora and Jiva DeVoe will both be speaking.

Siri, the Most Expensive iPhone App Ever Developed

Presentation by Bob Wilmes

Bob presented the amazing history behind the impressive free app Siri, including its DARPA background and Apple’s purchase of the company who turned the technology into a useful app.

Siri the free app

Calo, the technology behind the app (8mb PDF)

The Tao of Business Development

Presentation by Jiva DeVoe

Jiva spoke about how the wisdom from the Tao Te Ching applies to building and running your iOS app development company. Video  to come.

The Tao of Business Development (5mb PDF)

Gloss Caustic Shader

Jiva also talked about a slick library he’s using for creating rounded-corner, glossy, shaded buttons in XCode via CoreGraphics.


If you weren’t there you missed a great meeting. Our next meeting is September 1st!

Pi Meeting Tonight, August 4th, at 6:30pm

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Everyone’s invited to tonight’s Phoenix iOS Developer Meeting whether you’re a developer, hoping to be a developer, or just interested in talking to developers or about iPhone and iPad apps.

The meeting is from 6:30-8:30pm at the University of Advancing Technology, 2625 W Baseline Rd, Tempe, AZ 85283.

Here’s the agenda:

Monthly Update and Calendar
This month has been chock full of news of interest to iOS developers, from Apple announcements and changes to the release of great new tutorials and libraries. We’ll also briefly discuss some upcoming features of the Pi website and how you can benefit.

The Amazing Story of Siri, the Most Expensive iPhone Application Ever Developed
Presentation by Bob Wilmes
In April 2009, MIT Technology Review picked Siri as the breakthrough software technology of the year. Skip forward a year to 2010 and Siri was acquired by Apple Computer for an estimated $200 million. This presentation covers the background of Siri in the DARPA funded CALO project, a $250 million artificial intelligence software system for the military. Siri is one of  the most powerful applications available for FREE on the iPhone. Come listen to the amazing history of this app.

The Tao of Business Development
Presentation by Jiva DeVoe
A discussion about some “best practices” for founding and growing an app store based business.
[Ed: from someone who knows!]

We may have one other short presentation as well. This should be a great meeting!

Update – Call for Presentations and Demonstrations August 4, 2010

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We’ve got one standard-length presentation and two short ones. It’s summer, so I know there are lots of other plans, but we could really use another couple of short presentations or app demos.

Please consider a doing a short presentation on any topic that might interest the group. Some ideas:

  • App Comparison: If you’ve tried to find the perfect app for a given need and have tried several, show us what you compared and how you made your decision.
  • Newbie Tech Presentation: Show us how to do a basic thing — no need to go into depth and all of the many ways something could be accomplished, just cover the basic concepts. There are lots of new developers and hope-to-be developers who attend every month.
  • Tips and Tricks: Everyone’s found clever tricks that make development easier. Maybe you have some working with XCode usability tricks. Perhaps you’ve figured out some tricky little things you can do with Interface Builder to make things easier. Or perhaps you struggled to work with some Cocoa bit because it was difficult to wrap your head around but you figured out a way to think of it that made everything easier.
  • Library: There are lots of great libraries/wrappers/code frameworks out there. Give us 10 to 20 minutes on things like ASIHTTPRequest, one of the JSON frameworks, the CocoaHTTPServer, the Three20 framework, etc.
  • App Demo: Give us 10 to 20 minutes about an app you’ve built or worked on. Let us know where it came from and any travails or successes you had while designing and developing it. As long as it hasn’t been demonstrated at Pi before and you were integral to its creation, show us what you’ve done!

Email me if you’re willing to spend a few minutes during the meeting helping us learn. Developers supporting developers is what Pi is all about.