Month: July 2010

Call for Presentations and Demonstrations at August 4, 2010 Meeting

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Next month’s meeting is a mere 8 days away. A couple of people have expressed possible interest in presenting something to the group, but we definitely need more.

Here’s what I’m hoping for  — and don’t let my imagination limit you, propose anything you think the group would enjoy:

Technical Presentations

Jiva, Joe, Bradx2, Saul, and others have done really excellent jobs presenting technical topics in the past, and I’m sure there will be more greatness coming from them down the road. Know that you too can present, and the topic doesn’t have to super-advanced. Share what you’ve learned about a particular framework or technique, share tricks and tips for achieving difficult-seeming things, or share techniques you’ve used on a server to sync up with an iOS app.

Remember that folks who attend range from newbies who are hoping to get into iOS programming to experts who’ve written books — it’s quite likely that anything you present will be helpful.

Non-Technical Presentations

I’d love to see presentations on a wide variety of non-technical things. Examples include:

  • Working with the App Store and iTunes Connect (and apps like AppViz, etc.)
  • Things to consider in app design before writing a single line of code
  • Marketing tips and techniques
  • Useful applications for designing apps, from initial sketches to full-blown graphic design
  • What every business should consider before building an app

And again, don’t let the limits of my imagination get in the way, there are tons of interesting possibilities.

App Demonstrations

App demos can be very enjoyable. If you’re considering demonstrating an app you’ve created, consider these questions as things to include:

  • Where did the app idea come from? What was its evolution?
  • What difficulties did you encounter while designing and developing it?
  • What tricks or tips did you discover when tackling those difficulties?
  • Who are your competitors, and how do you differ?
  • What types of marketing have you considered, and what have you done?
  • How has the app been selling?
  • What will you do differently when you develop your next app?

If you’re interested in demoing an app, I have a few other questions and considerations for you as well.

I have some other ideas in the works, but this should be a good start for this month.

Contact Me

If you’re interested in presenting this month or in a future month, please contact me directly.

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