Month: June 2010

Pi Meeting Agenda for Wednesday, 07/07/2010

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The next Pi meeting will be Wednesday, July 7th. The agenda is as follows:

Presentation: Monthly Update: Brad O’Hearne
Presentation: Fremont XML Library: Brad O’Hearne
Presentation: Using Objective C Blocks: Brad Miller
App Demo: MatchGame: Tony Farag
App Demo: ICC (Chess): Quoc Le

The meeting will be held at the UAT Theater, 6:30PM-8:30PM. Address and map information can be found here. See you there!


Pi Launches New Web Site

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Pi has launched a new web site, providing information about the founding of the group, meeting information and maps, ways to subscribe to web site posts and Google Group mailing list, and presentation agendas and assets. The web site actively posts to Pi’s Twitter account and Facebook pages. The new web site is now the home of all Pi news and announcements.